Animal Husbandry / Herding

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What is meant by Animal Husbandry or Herding? What condition necessary for Dairy industry? What are the famous Regions for Farming?

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Animal keeping is also considered one of the primary activities of man. The Animals found in the various parts of the world can be classified in to two kinds.

  1. Wild Animals
  2. Domestic or Tame Animals

Animal Resources and Industries:

Animal play an important role in the ecology of nature. The bees carrying pollen fertilize plants. Many harmful insects are eaten by birds. The ensects increase the productivity of the soil when they loosen the soil and thus play a part in the chemical cycle of life also.

Industries Development on Animal Resources:

The rearing of large number of animal or major species has given rise to some important industries in different regions of the world. The industries so developed commercially on animal resources are:-

  1. Dairying 
  2. Wool
  3. Leather
  4. Poultry

Condition Necessary For Dairy Industry:

  1. Climate
  2. Developed Transport and Refrigeration Facilities 
  3. Market
  4. Capital
  5. Enough Supply of Skilled Labour

Regions of Dairy Farming:

  1. East Central North America 
  2. North-West Europe
  3. South-East Australia 
  4. New-Zealand and others.

East-Central North America:

The region comprises the provinces of Ontario and Quebec in Canada, New England, Wisconsin Wisconsin, Michigan and the U.S.A’s northern part. The cool moist temperate climate the sandy soils of this network of enough railway, roads and adequate arrangement for Pasteurization and Refrigeration in the farms, a heavy demand for milk and milk products from the industrial population in the neighborhood favor the progress of a big dairy industry producing immense quantities of dairy products in this region.

North Western Europe:

Dairy is an important or significant part of mixed farming. Mostly peasants cultivate grains but simultaneously rear cattle to supplement their incomes, France, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Russia and Southern part of Sweden are important producers of dairy products in this region.

  1. Netherlands
  2. Denmark
  3. Switzerland
  4. United Kingdom

South East Australia:

Australia s also an important producer and exporter of dairy products. A large amount of butter and cheese are exported to other countries every year.

New Zealand:

Co-operative societies are a special  feature of New Zealand dairy industry. Dairy products may be handled easily caused by cool climate.

Asia and Africa:

In dairy industry Africa is not high and also Asia.


Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, U.K, Belgium, Japan.


Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, New Zealand, U.K, Ireland.

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