Beef Cattle

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How much percentage of beef is obtained from big animals in the world? Which country of the world is leading in the production of beef? Which factors are necessary for the progress of beef industry?

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Beef is not the staple food for the people of the land and therefore beef cattle are kept  only those regions which are not useful for agriculture or where the population is very sparse. but beef is the most significant meat product and normally accounts for about 50% of the world’s meat output.

The Following Factors Are Essential For Beef Cattle:

  1. Cool and Moderate dry climate:
  2. Meat Preserving arrangement:
  3. Nearness to Market:
  4. Improved transport facilities:
  5. Abundance

Distribution of  Beef Cattle:

Excepting the Steppes of Siberia where population is dense, all these areas are great rears of beef cattle.


The USA is the largest producer of beef cattle. At many places, even irrigation is carries on and grass after living on the grass of these ranches for one or two years beef cattle are sent to the slaughter houses. The meat is packed fresh, smoked, canned and salted.


Sheep are found in all parts of Argentina , but the greatest concentrations are in the moist portion of the Pampas and the Enter Rios AND in Patagonia.

Russian Federation:

In Siberian plain of Asiatic and European Russia large number of beef cattle are reared from which enough amount of beef and hides are taken and exported to neighboring states.


The development of refrigeration and cold storage has helped Australia to became a big producer of meat.

New Zealand:

The Canterbury plains with the surrounding downs rear large number of sheep, more than 90% of the folks of the Dominion.


Australia, Germany, France, Argentina, New Zealand


Italy, USA, UK

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