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Facebook is the one of leading Social Network in the world which has became most powerful marketing tool online. Millions of  people from across the glob are actively using Facebook in every single day. If you are running a business and want to build your online customers then creating Facebook business page is the most effective source for engaging more people towards your business and brand.

Create A Facebook Page

Whatever you are a blogger, sportsman, entertainer, singer or a a businessman Facebook business fan page just provided you the best platform where you can just put your self in front of millions of active Facebook users, and you could not even imagine that how rapidly you get the massive attention and engagement of customers which is the desire of every professional and businessmen. So i’m not going to bored you more by explaining the popular features of Facebook and Facebook business page. 😛 Lets come to the point now if you want to learn that how you easily build your Facebook business or brand page within no time, then the complete guide below will help you and surly you should create your own Facebook business page after the given procedure below with simple steps for your ease.

Before going towards the topic if you not yet know that how to “create the Facebook account” then click the image below for creating free Facebook Id or Account.

Create Facebook Id Icon

1. Fined The Page Creation Menu:

The most difficult step is to find the option for create a new Facebook page, where you actually start to build your page. The developers may want that people do not want to increase the unnecessary Facebook pages, that’s way the option is may little bit hidden, that’s way you need to search a little bit to find the create page option. So there are many way’s to reach the creating page option and you can see some simple way’s of them below.

Method 1:

The most simple and easy way to reach the creating option is that, before log in look at under the Facebook registration form where you can clearly see the “Sing Up” button in green color so here below the sing up button you can see the option for “Create a Page” so click the option and then entered your log in information for creating. You can see the option below in the image.

Create A Facebook Page Option


Second method:

If you are already log into your Facebook account, then the second simple option you would find on the top right corner of your Facebook profile. Here you can see a button exact on the right side of security option. Now click on the button and a window log will appear after clicking the button, you can see here clearly the “Create Page” option, click the option for creating. You can see the image below for your ease.

Create A Facebook Page Second Option

 2. Choose Classification:

After going through one of above option of Create Page know the second step is to select Classification for your page, when you click the Create button the next option about selection Page classification will automatically appear on your screen. There are six various classifications option for selection, so you can easily pick any of one them which is near to your brand or business. All six classifications option will showcased below in the image. Facebook Page Classification Option


So for proceeding I selected “Brand or Product” from the above classification. When you click the classification it’s shows you the two further option.

  1. Choose a Category.
  2. Brand or Product Name

Brand or Product Option For Creating Facebook Page


Now through first option which ask you to choose your brand or product relevant category. When you click choose category option, another window box along with many categories opens, so choose your relevant category from them. As I select “Website” category for brand and product classification as shown in the image below.

Website Category For Brand Or Product Classification Of Facebook Page

After selecting category for your Facebook fan page now choose your brand or product name for your Facebook page. As in the image I choose for our website “Commerce Notes“.Commerce Notes Facebook PageAfter selecting your brand or product name for your Facebook fan page now click the button “Get Stared” if you agree with the Facebook terms and polices.

Click To Get Started Creating Facebook Page3. Complete Basic Information:

When you click the Get Started option now in the next step you need to provide basic information about your Fan page which comprises on four sections shown below.

  1. About
  2. Profile Picture
  3. Add To Favorite
  4. Share with Friends

About Section:

In about section simply add 3-4 lines about your brand or product, so that your page get good rank in search engine, be sure that your detail should not more then 155 characters. After giving meaningful description secondly give your business or brand official website URL in the required field, and click the “Save Info” button. Picture is given below and we were going to fill out all these highlighted sections which are shown in the image. About Section Of Facebook Page

Profile Picture:

Now after clicking the Save Info button now it’s time to upload Profile Picture for your Fan page, which appears as your main icon image every time, you can also change it at any time.

Add To Favorites:

Now if you want easy access to your page then you can select your page as “Favorite” item which is shown left side of your news feed as every Facebook user have this option. So through that you can easily get quick access to your Facebook page same like as you bookmark a page.

Share with Friends:

After all the necessary steps now your page is on the situation that you would tell your friends and fans that you made your brand Facebook fan page. So this option may allow you to share your page in different ways like given below.

  • On Your Own Timeline
  • On a Friend’s Timeline
  • In a group
  • On a Page You Manage
  • In a Private Massage

You can select any option from them to share your Page publicly for increasing your popularity of brand or Business through Page. Sharing your page with friends is the indication that your Facebook Fan or Business Page is created now. 😀

For more if you want to select your page cover picture then see the image below with option.

Select Cover Picture Of Page



With the rapidly growing Social Media popularity there are Million’s of active user’s on Facebook, so it’s good to build your brand or business fan page and spread it with your friends. You can learn with all these simple steps that how to build your own Facebook Fan or Business page. I hope that you understand all the simple steps and surely able to create your own Facebook page after reading the article, so now give your views about the post below. 😀 😉

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