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Learn through the article that how to create a free Facebook email id or account with simple and easy steps. If still you did not know that how to create a free Facebook profile and searching for about creating free Facebook email account, then here you can meet all the simple steps about creating free Facebook email id.

Before creating a free Facebook account you should need a primary email address like you you have a Gmail or Yahoo email id. If you have no knowledge yet that how to create Yahoo or Gmail account then must visit below the direct links about creating Yahoo and Gmail ids.

>How To Create A Gmail Account For Free:

Gmail Free Sign Up Icon


>How To Create A Yahoo Account For Free

Yahoo Sin Up Icon

So now after creating or having your primary email id now  it’s time to make your free Facebook profile. Firstly you should need to visit Facebook official website, here we have two methods to meet Facebook official website’s home page.

First Method:

You can easily lunch Facebook home page just typing in your internet browser.

Second Method:

In this way you can simply type Facebook in Google, rather then if you want to direct reach to Facebook registration filling form then click Here.

Now in the next step after reaching Facebook official website now you can see a registration free form in front of you, this is a very simple and easy form and required just some basic information from you for making new Facebook email account. Below in the image you can see the filled Facebook Sing Up form.

Facebook Sign Up Form

The free Facebook Sing Up form comprise on simple six required fields.

As shown above you can see that in first step Facebook ask you to enter your first and last name as in the image above i entered my full name “Faisal Gondal“.

In the next step you should need to enter your primary email account or address as you earlier made primary email id, this is very important step that will helps you to recover your access to Facebook like if you forgotten your Facebook password etc then your primary mail must helping you in that case. As you seen mine in the image ([email protected]).

Facebook Icon For Sign Up

In the next step you should need to enter your primary email id again for conformation.

The next step is requiring password minimum of six characters as i entered “smile1″.

In the next step select your date of birth as i selected ” Aug-26-1996“.

Now in the last step select your gender like male or female.

After filling out the simple Facebook Sing up form for creating free Facebook email account now it’s time to finished your registration process by click on the “Sign Up” button.

After clicking the Sing Up button now check your primary email account for the Facebook conformation email and click to the conformation link for using every Facebook service.


Now these days where Social media use increase day by day every one know the importance of Facebook. You can simply make your primary email address first then go Facebook sign up form and fill out all the required fields click sing up button and conform your account by your primary mail address and use Facebook for any personal or business use.


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