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How to create a Hotmail account or Microsoft email id for free? Learn through article with simple steps and guide that how to make a free Hotmail email address for Microsoft profile.

Create A Hotmail Accont

Microsoft Hotmail is one of the best mailing service on the consumption of internet. Firstly Hotmail was founded in July 4, 1996. Hotmail is one of the very first web-mail service. If you have not Microsoft or Hotmail account then here you can learn with simple tips about making new free Hotmail id. Just follow the following simple steps for free Sign Up to Microsoft email account.

1. Go to the Hotmail Official Website:

First of all you need to lunched the official website of Microsoft Hotmail. After lunching the official website of Hotmail as you have not Hotmail account yet so click the Sign Up button for creating new Hotmail id. if you have already account of Hotmail then just Sign In for using your account. If you want to direct link of Hotmail Sign Up then Click >> Link

Sign Up For Hotmail Account


2. Fill out the Registration Form:

After clicking the Sign Up button now a Hotmail registration form is in front of you. It requires some information from you like some personal information, security information etc.

Create An Account Of Hotmail


3. Put Your Personal Information:

Here after lunching Sign Up form now here you need to enter some information. You need to enter your First and Last name.

Choose Username:

After providing first and last name in the next step you required to select a unique username for your Hotmail Login.

Choose Password:

In the next step you need to enter your desired strong password.

And again in next step enter your password for second time.

In this step select Your country or Region.

Select your Zip Code

Select your Birthday:

In this next step you need to provide your “Date Of Birth”, enter your month, day, and year of birth.

In this step select your Gender like Male or Female.

The registration for personal information section is given below.

Registration Form For Hotmail


4. Help Us Protect Your Info:

For making your account more secure Microsoft required a “Cell Phone Number“from you with you.

So firstly select your “Country Code” like Like Pakistan (+92) etc.

Now in the next option enter your Phone number.

Help Us Protect Your Info On Hotmail


5. Make Sure that you are a Real Person:

In this further step you need clear that you are not a Robot and you are a real human being. Just enter the Captcha code as shown in front of your computer screen.

Captcha Code Enter For Registration


6. Create Account:

In the final step as shown below the “Create Account” button just click the button for finished the registration and your Free Hotmail Account is ready for use.

Create Account Hotmail Finished



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