Disadvantages (Demerits) of Social Media For A Student

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Social media having many benefits, but there are also some major demerits or disadvantages derived from Social Media Networking on students.Disadvantages (Demerits) of Social Media For A Student

We all were aware about the positive aspects of social media networks, social media allows a person to connect others, share things on networks. But however while we think for a while, we found some drawbacks of social media networks these some major disadvantages of social networking are given below:

Encourages exploitation and abuse:

As every one knows that social media networks are the latest and product of technology. Every technology have it’s own merits but where latest technology having benefits they also having many other negative aspects. Some people use social networks for learning, ethical and healthy reasons, but many of other people utilized social media as bad they use social media for abuse and exploit other persons particularly students and children. The flood use if fake identifications are the main reason and advantage for those people, they feels more confidence in exploiting children and students. This bad action of exploitation and abusing effects a lot on a students behavior.

Behavioral tendencies and consequences:

We can not say that social media is bad, but the uses of such technology in negative manners is bad activity. Yes the impacts of social media disturbing very badly on a students behavior. For example if a using bad language and abuse against others very easily through social media as compare when they were face to face. So that’s way social media impact a lot on a behavior of a student as well as other children.

Health conditions:

Many times big researchers and channels reports shown that social media networks can be addictive. The students or children who addicted to social media websites, they involves and engage in social activities as deeply they think that they can not leave a single day of their life without the use of social media networks websites. They consume much time for social media and they also have not care about their health. These persons or students who give much times to social media also no care about their diet too. The over use of social media networks websites turns many bad healthy activities among the students. The many major facts found in students commonly are; heart problems, sleep disorders, eat disorders and many other health issues.

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These all the major disadvantages of use of social media networks are easily nipped; if parents of the children have look on all the online activities of their child. Many caring parents take a deep look on their children social media activities, they also force their child against the over use of social media websites, so it is the moral duty of every responsible parents to stop their children bad social media activities.

These are few major demerits of social media networks usage mentioned here, if you observed other disadvantages of social media websites then must discus in the comments section. :)

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