Forests And their Kinds

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What is meant by Forests? Define all major kinds of Forests in detail? Detail note on Forests and their types in with examples.

Forests And their Kinds


Forests grow in areas of abundant precipitation, though they can maintain sufficient uniformity. In considering the availability of moisture the plants.

The nature of the soil and the amount of transpiration must also be taken into account.

Kinds of Forests:

Thus forests of the world may be divided into two major kinds:-

  1. Evergreen Forests
  2. Deciduous Forests

Evergreen  Forests:

Such forests remain evergreen through the year and do not shed their leaves are sub divided as follows:-

  • Equatorial
  • Mediterranean
  • Coniferous

Equatorial Evergreen Forests:

These kinds of forests are found in Amazon Basin in South America, Congo Basin in Africa and in Islands of East-Indies in Asia, besides this such type of forests are also found in areas of monsoon region where rainfall is more then 80″ inches annually.

Mediterranean Evergreen Forests:

Such type of trees is found in areas along the Mediterranean sea, California in USA, central Chili in South America, Cape Province of South Africa, and South West Australia.

Coniferous Evergreen Forests:

(Areas) the cold temperate and sub arctic lands of Eurasia and North America are covered with dense evergreen forests. Besides this on mountainous areas of central Europe, especially in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, such types of forests can also be seen.

Deciduous Trees:

These trees have broad leaves, hard wood trees, and they shed their leaves during the warm dry season. They may be subdivided as follows:-

  • Monsoon Forests (Areas)
  • Temperate Deciduous Forests (Areas)

Monsoon Forests (Areas):

Such type of forests or trees is found in areas of Monsoon region such as in South China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Burma, Kampuchea, Laos, Bangladesh, and Indo Pak sub-continent, Besides these, on coastal areas of the East Africa and Brazil such type of trees can also be seen.

Temperate Deciduous Forests (Areas):

These types of Forests are found in North Western Europe, North Eastern USA and Eastern Coast of Australia and South East Africa.


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