Forex Quotes

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Forex Quotes

Forex Quotes:

Forex trade reading is become more simple if a person just keep in mind two things, mentioned below:

  1. Base currency is the first listed currency.
  2. Base currency value is always be 1.

Us dollar is usually known as the base currency for quotes, US dollar is also known as the centerpiece of the Forex market. As US dollar is considered base currency it’s mean that when it’s taken as base currency, the sense is that the thinking of what is the US dollar worth in other currency.

Majors Not Based On The US Dollar:

There are some major currencies where US dollar not willing to become base for them these 3 currencies are listed below:

  1. British Pound (BGP)
  2. Australian Dollar (AUD)
  3. EURO (EUR)

For these currency means that the US dollar is weak as compare to these buying currencies.

Cross Currencies:

Those currencies which do not involves US dollar at all are called the Cross Currencies.

Bids And Asks:

Same as like in to other markets Quotes also comprise on to sides Bid and Ask.

  • That price in which you can “Sell” base currency is called “Bid“.
  • That price in which you can “Buy” base currency is called “Ask“.

What’s A Pip?

Fores prices are quoted in little increments called “Pip“. A pip is 1/100 of 1%.




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