Higher National Diploma in Business (Accounting)

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Here you can find complete information about the very popular course Higher National Diploma in various subjects like Business and Accounting depends upon your interest and ability.


Higher National Diploma in Business Accounting


HND is a diploma getting UK study, based in Pakistan, Which is recognized by HEC (Higher Education Commission) Govt. of Pakistan.

Offering Body:

Edexcel International is the UK’s International body which is offering vocational and academic qualifications. Edexcel BTEC program full fill the requirement of students interest, students can take part in the diploma program according to their interest. Diplomas offered by Edexcel having a wide scope in the jobs sector, students can take their job mostly when they were in the final stage of their Diploma, which is very admirable.

Career Opportunities:

Yes this is a short path for getting instant job in various sectors through HND! students who want handsome job, with out going regularly to universities and other related institutions, for those type of students, this BTEC program give a great path and training.

Course Structure:

HND program consists of 8 mandatory Units, and 8 specialist Units, which combined 240 total Credits.

8 Core Modules:

  1. Business Environment
  2. Managing Financial Resources and Decisions
  3. Organisations and Behavior
  4. Marketing Principles
  5. Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Business
  6. Business Decision Making
  7.  Business Strategy
  8. Research Project 

4 Specialist Modules:

  1. Management Accounting: Costing and Budgeting
  2. Financial Accounting and Reporting
  3. Financial Systems & Auditing
  4. Taxation

4 Optional Modules:

  1. Business Event Management
  2. Employability Skills
  3. Small Business Enterprise
  4. Operations Management in Business

Entry Requirements:

  1. Applicants must be over 18 years of age
  2. Applicants must have Intermediate or A level qualification.
  3. Intermediate score required 50+ %

HNDs Registered Institutes:

At least 400 registered institutes around the World who offered HNDs to the students, so you can take admission any recognized college or school near you for the degree.

Higher National Diploma in Business Accounting In Pakistan


Higher National Diploma in Business and Account is getting fame rapidly among the students especially in Pakistan. This is very powerful BTEC program, student should have number of jobs opportunities after achieving HND not only in the Pakistan but jobs are waiting for the HNDs around the World. We hoped that this post may helping you for clearing your concept about Higher National Diploma!

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