Importance/Advantages Of Commerce

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What are the Advantages of Commerce? Discuss in detail the Importance of Commerce? Here we learn point to point the importance or advantages of Commerce.Importance Or Advantages Of Commerce Wallpaper

Importance/Advantages OF Commerce

Importance of Commerce or Advantages of Commerce discuss below.

1. Availability of Goods:

Only commerce helps to provides goods in all possible areas of the country and also out side the country for consumers.

2. Cheap Goods:

Commerce also helps consumers in rates of goods, its trying to facilitate customer in low prices of goods.

3. Surplus Production:

As the goods are not only produced for a certain country but also its produced for exported purpose also. So commerce helps to produced surplus goods.

4. Source of Employment:

Commerce also provides the source of jobs for the general public.

5. Batter Living Standard:

Cheap rates of goods increase the standard of living of the people its only due to commerce, people also increase their savings.

6. Increase in National Income:

Commerce helps in every filed like its helps in expansion of business, industrial and agriculture development in that way the national income of a country may increases.

7. Invention:

It is the commerce who make easier to access of people to international market, which results in healthy competition among the producers. That’s way the producers try to invent new products to enhance their business and earn maximum profit also.

8. Middlemen:

Commerce also provides the concept of middlemen, who plays a vital role for increasing the sale of good and they also provides use full information to producer and wholesaler.

9. International Relation:

International trade build batter relations between two countries which is very helpful to prove beneficial in world peace.

10. Consumer Knowledge:

For a perfect business it is very important for a businessmen to have the complete knowledge of the market and consumers mind also, so in this matter commerce also provides complete knowledge to a producer and also a consumer.

11. Industrial Development:

Commerce also facilitate industries by providing cheap rates, high quality raw materials which plays a important role for development of industries.

12. Agricultural Development:

Commerce provides latest technology, seeds fertilizers and pesticides etc which helps to improve agricultural development, and its only provides by commerce.

13. Increase in Investment:

People invests their savings in business for the sake of getting more returns or profit, so commerce also helps to increase in investment.

14. Optimum use of Resources:

Commerce helps in import and export, simply one country made goods for particular use and when other country needs that good, so then that country import that good which helps to cover their country need for that good.

15. Control Over Food Shortage:

Some time a country facing shortage problem for a certain good then import of that good cover that problem.

15. Control Over Monopoly:

Commerce helps to break monopoly of a certain good by importing goods from other country.

16. Price Stability:

With the help of commerce prices of different goods remains stable.

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