Journal The Book Of Original Entry

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What is meant by Journal? discus in detail the main advantages of Journal the Books of Original Entry. What are the Characteristics of Journal?

Accounting Wallpaper

Journal: 1st Phase Of Accounting Cycle:

According to double entry system transactions are recorded in the books of accounts in two stages:

First Stage:          Journal

Second Stage:     Ledger

The flow of accounting information from the time a transaction takes place to its recording in the ledger may be illustrated as follows:

Flow Of Accounitng Picture



The initial record of each transaction is evidenced by a business  document such as invoice, cash voucher etc.

Transaction are firstly recorded in Journal and thereafter posted to the two or three concerned accounts in the ledger.


Definition Of Journal



Recording a transaction in the appropriate place of the concerned book of account is called Entry. Entry may be divided into two:

Journal Entry:

Recording a transaction in a Journal is called Journal Entry or Journalising.

Ledger Entry:

Recording a transaction from Journal to the concerned account in Ledger is called Ledger Entry. It is also known as Ledger Posting.


Narration Meaning Picture



Journal has the following features:

The Journal Definiton


The following are the advantages of Journal:

Advantages Of Journal

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