Natural Vegetation

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What is meant by Natural Vegetation? What are the factors for  growth of Natural Vegetation? Write Detailed Note on Natural Vegetation!

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“Vegetation of some sort or the other is the natural covering of the land surface of the Earth.” In which forests, grassland, thorny bushes, mosses and lichen may be included in Natural Vegetation.

“Natural Vegetation is and experience of the composite physical environment”.

Factors For The Growth Of Natural Vegetation:

Factors controlling the distribution of natural vegetation on the Earth surface are as follows:-

  1. The amount of Heat(Temperature)
  2. The amount and distribution of precipitation, (Rainfall, Wind).
  3. The amount of light.
  4. The character of soils.


The growth and type of vegetation at a particular place depends upon the climate and physical feature, but temperature plays an important role. Thus in the equatorial region where temperature is high, dense forests are found.


Next in importance to temperature are the amount and the seasonal distribution of precipitation, either in form of rain or snow. Thus in areas of heavy rain dense forests and, in areas of intermediate rain grasslands and areas of meager rainfall desert vegetation can be seen.


The function of winds is to help the plants in transpiration i.e. getting rid of the excess moisture.


Light is the chief factor where by plant manufacturers its food(sugar) from the green material in the leaves, became yellow and within the plant dies. A long duration of light to some extent compensates for a short growing season.


The Moisture supply to the roots of the plant is determined by the texture of soil. The effectiveness of precipitation is greatly influenced by soil. Besides regulating the supply of moisture for the plants the soil also determines the main part of its food supply.


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