Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy Works in way which discloses various information collects by our website, after collected by users its maintain and uses. This privacy policy is applied on all the services on

 Web browser cookies:

The system stores websites cookies in hard drive, when even a single users browse web site on browser. Some part of our website may not work properly when users some time may set their browser or some time they not set to refuse cookies.

Use of Collected Information:

We may collect information for certain reasons;

  • To personalize user experience
  • To improve customer services
  • To improve our website services

Personal/ Non-personal information:

Mostly visitors do not send their personal information to our website while contacting us. So this privacy policy only works when any online visitor of our website sends his personal information to us.

Visitors connected our website through different browsers, so non-personal information of the user automatically stored in our website.


Protect Information:

We always prefer to protect the usernames, passwords, email ids, and other related information about our users. So here our every single visitor feels free while using our website services.